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Isiah Thomas fires back at fan calling him n-word for Team USA Dream Team snub

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Isiah Thomas’ exclusion from the 1992 Team USA Dream Team is still a hotly debated topic nearly three decades after the fact. Despite a totally tacked roster, the Detroit Pistons legend certainly had the resume and the stature to at least get a look for the squad.

But as we all know, Isiah Thomas never made it on, with the reasons being discussed to this day. One fan, after rewatching some Team USA Dream Team content, posted his thoughts on the matter on Twitter.

His scorching take and unsavory language quickly drew the attention of Thomas himself, who clapped back at said fan for using a tasteless slur.

There are a host of different reasons being accepted as fact for why Isiah Thomas truly was snubbed from the original Team USA Dream Team. The Pistons legend has probably heard them all a hundred times over. While he’s probably moved on from the drama by now, he has zero tolerance for such language.

But despite Thomas exclusion, the Dream Team went on to dominate the international scene, just as everyone expected them to. The rest of the world has caught up to the US in recent years, but they still head into every tournament as the odds-on favorite.

Team USA has hit some bumps in the road as they get ready to defend their three-peat crown at the Tokyo Olympics. But despite that, they’re still stacked with All-Stars and top-tier talent, which has been the case all the way back since 1992.