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Video: Marcus Smart sinks a 3-pointer with his back turned to the basket during Team USA practice


Marcus Smart, the beloved, scrappy point guard of the Boston Celtics, has not been well-known throughout his career for his outside shooting. But during warmups for Team USA, it looks as if Smart has debuted his newest shooting stroke.

As you can see, Smart lines up facing away from the basket, bend over backward, and sinks a triple with relative ease? Could this be the start of a new shooting form for the 25-year-old?

While that might seem unlikely, it is good to see Smart out there practicing – however ineffectually – with his teammates, especially since Smart missed nearly two weeks with a calf injury in the buildup to the FIBA World Cup.

Through the first five seasons of his career, Smart is only a 31 percent shooter from long-range – though his numbers did improve last season to the tune of a career-high 36.4 percent from beyond the arc.

Despite that, Smart brings indelible energy and absolutely brutalizes opposing ballhandlers with blanketing defense on a night-to-night basis. Because of that, Smart was named to his first All-Defensive First Team in 2018-19 and was awarded a selection to Team USA as they are all set to compete in the 2019 FIBA World Cup.

Team USA might need Smart on the court, seeing as multiple players have dropped out ahead of the team’s first meaningful game in the competition, including two-way point guard De’Aaron Fox, who opted to focus on the season at hand for the Sacramento Kings rather than play for Team USA.

Clearly, Smart is ready to play the game in his usual hardscrabble style in order to help bring a Gold medal back to the states, even with his back to the basket from the three-point line.