Every year dreams are fulfilled in the NBA Draft. It’s a perfect moment where all the hard work and sacrifice pay off for a player because they have proven they deserve to be in the league. That moment can become even sweeter if that player has proven doubters wrong along the way, which is exactly what happened with new Dallas Mavericks guard Tyrell Terry.

On the daily Locked On Mavericks Podcast, Isaac Harris and I spoke about Tyrell Terry, his path to the NBA Draft, and how teams told him that he should have stayed in school.

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Nick Angstadt: This was this is the quote that stuck out to me in your article with Tyrell Terry for Mavs.com.

It was a hard thing to get past mentally for Terry, even after he declared for the NBA as he took notice to all of the negative internet feedback and even feedback from NBA teams suggesting he go back to school. “All the comments on the internet was ‘why is he even declaring’ or ‘he should go back to school.’” Tyrell Terry explained. “I’m hearing from teams that I should go back to school in my interviews. Just so much negativity around why I even declared for the draft.”

I think that is so interesting that he was receiving that feedback and he was hearing even from NBA teams that he shouldn’t be in the draft. What an incredible example of doubters and haters or whatever you want to call them, of people saying that you shouldn’t do this or you can’t do this. All it takes is one team, all it takes is one team to believe in you and to draft you and that’s what happened. He got drafted by the Dallas Mavericks as the first pick in the second round. It’s an incredible story to see him fall into that and really doubt himself and then to have somebody believe in him, and I think that that goes for everybody in all walks of life. Sometimes it just takes one person or one thing to believe in you.