Texans news: DeAndre Hopkins thinks CBD use in the NFL should be allowed
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Texans wideout DeAndre Hopkins thinks CBD use in the NFL should be allowed

DeAndre Hopkins, Texans

In the last several years, the NFL has taken a strong approach toward holding a zero-tolerance policy in regards to the use of cannabis in any manner by its players with a hefty suspension being the punishment.

However, there has been a push to see it being legalized in professional sports to help players deal with injuries or any bodily pain, which is the approach that rapper Ice Cube has taken with his Big 3 League. With that in mind, Houston Texans star Pro Bowl wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has chimed in voicing that this would only help out the players, according to TMZ Sports.

“I only think it would help if they do. You look at all the problems with heads. I don’t think it would hurt for us to try something else and see what can help players.”

It is no secret that the NFL has struggled with concussions over the years with many cases resulting in long-term health issues that extend far beyond their players’ playing days. The game of football is an unforgiving physical sport that often leads to numerous injuries that could significantly impact the manner in which they get around and operate on a daily basis.

The use of cannabis in this method is to help the players deal with the physical pain that comes with playing in the NFL against many of the top athletes in the world. It just may be a matter of time before the NFL realizes that this is one of the best alternative methods for their players to help their bodies recover from these health issues.

This may be something that the league ultimately warms up to as the head injuries continue to arise while CTE has also become a more prominent issue the more time passes along. The players’ safety and health are at the top of the list of importance for the NFL to secure and cannabis may help aid that effort.