Texans news: DeAndre Hopkins was upset Houston didn't give Colin Kaepernick a chance after Deshaun Watson got hurt in 2017
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DeAndre Hopkins was upset Texans didn’t give Colin Kaepernick a chance after Deshaun Watson got hurt in 2017

DeAndre Hopkins

Deshaun Watson got off to a fairly great start during his 2017 rookie season with the Houston Texans, but unfortunately went down with an ACL injury at practice. While the Texans ended up finishing that season 4-12, their superstar wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, thinks the team could have easily turned elsewhere for quarterback help.

Speaking to GQ as part of a story on the receiver, Hopkins was asked about the time he wore a Colin Kaepernick jersey before a game.

Following that, Hopkins was asked if he was upset that the Texans didn’t look at Kaepernick following Watson’s injury. Hopkins was quick to admit he was.

“Yeah, I was upset,” he said. “Everybody needed to give Kaep a look. He can help a team win. I’ve seen a lot of quarterbacks that’s not as good as Kaep, but teams don’t want the heat behind them.”

When Watson went down with an injury, the Texans were still 3-4 and in the hunt during that time. After turning to Tom Savage, the team ended up winning just one more game en route to losing nine of their final 10 games.

Hopkins’ message comes at a time when tons of NFL players are calling for Kaepernick to get playing time. The superstar receiver has played with his fair share of bad quarterbacks, so he would know just how good moms are and aren’t.

Although it’s unknown if Kaepernick would have given the team any better performance, his ability might have helped the team at some point.

Now a few years removed from the league, however, it seems unlikely that any team will give Kaepernick a shot, even if players like Hopkins will continue to vouch for him.