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Houston Texans make NFL history with recent winning streak after 0-3 start

Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are back into playoff contention. Quarterback Deshaun Watson has done a good job of running their offense while Jadeveon Clowney and J.J. Watt took charge of their defense.

What’s more impressive is the milestone the team achieved on Monday night. Following their win Monday, the Houston Texans became the first team to start 0-3 and win eight straight games per ESPN Stats & Info.

Who knows if they can extend it to nine? But eight in a row is impressive enough.

The Texans dismantled the Tennessee Titans at home Monday, 34-17, and shrugged off the effects of a near perfect game by Marcus Mariota.

Lamar Miller played big, torching the Titans’ defense by rushing for 162 yards and a score. The Texans’ D, meanwhile, feasted on Mariota as they brought him down to the ground six times throughout the matchup.

The Texans look like an elite team right now, but at the start of the season they were not. They dropped their opener against the New England Patriots, their Week 2 matchup against the Titans, and their third game of the season against the New York Giants.

But the fact is, they lost those games by a single score. Then came Week 4 in which they beat the Indianapolis Colts 37-34 in overtime.

Since then, their wins have snowballed through the weeks, and right now they are one of the two teams who have won eight or more consecutive games. The other one being the New Orleans Saints.

Houston may not be viewed as a Super Bowl contender right now, but if they string a few more together the hype may start growing.