Texans news: Tyrann Mathieu happy to no longer be facing Russell Wilson
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Texans safety Tyrann Mathieu happy to no longer be facing Russell Wilson

tyrann mathieu

When free agents like Tyrann Mathieu switch teams, they leave teammates behind, but they also leave something else, opponents. Some they may miss because they were easy to beat. Others they will not miss because they were so tough.

For Mathieu, there is one guy he is glad he will not have to face twice a year anymore—Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

When asked recently during an appearance on PFT Live, he didn’t hesitate to answer (via Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio):

“Russell Wilson. No doubt about it. He’s one of the most underrated players in the National Football League. I think if the Seattle Seahawks didn’t have him I don’t think they would be as dominant. He’s definitely one of the best players in the game.”

Mathieu went on to talk about his admiration for Wilson as a competitor and for his poise on the field. He also said he thinks the changes the Seahawks are going through will put the focus more on Wilson more so than the team ever has.

“…. I think they kind of overshadowed him a little bit. It’s no doubt that the guys that played against Russell Wilson, they know what kind of player he is.”

Mathieu will soon have his hands full with a new slate of tough quarterbacks. It remains to be seen how Blake Bortles is going to pan out. But the Tennessee Titans have one of the best young quarterbacks in Marcus Mariota. Assuming Andrew Luck is healthy when he comes back, he’ll be a heck of a threat as well.