Bears news: Chicago holds player-only meeting amid losing streak
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The Bears hold a player-only meeting amid losing streak


Amid a season that is not living up to expectations, players of the Chicago Bears held a players-only meeting to discuss the team’s misgivings and a way to potentially solve them.

According to Patrick Finley of Chicago Sun-Times, players from the Bears got together on Wednesday to figure out their challenges and salvage the season.

“We’re full-tilt,” linebacker Danny Trevathan said on the meeting. “There’s no pause, there’s no panic. We’re just looking forward to getting better. Anything that was brought to the table was things we thought of that we know can help our team. This is football. This is Chicago football. This is what we signed up for. Guys know that everybody can get a little bit better. Everybody took that attitude.”

Standing at 3-3, Da Bears have failed to generate offense as it did last season, in large part due to a drop-off in play from quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. The third-year No. 2 overall pick also missed a loss as he was recovering from a shoulder injury.

Chicago is currently ranked 30th in the league in offensive yards per game, averaging 263.7.

The team suffered tough losses in Week 1 to the Green Bay Packers and Week 5 to the Oakland Raiders. They were blown out by the New Orleans Saints last week.

Chicago currently sits at third place in the NFC North, behind the Green Bay Packers (6-1) and Minnesota Vikings (5-2).

Coming up the Bears face tough opponents in the last part of the season, including the Los Angeles Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Packers, Kansas City Chiefs and Vikings.