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The Best Weapon Build and Artifact Build for Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact

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Rambunctious and exuberant, this unshackled being has Oni blood running through his veins, and his mere presence makes the ground tremble beneath those who are against him. This character is known as Arataki Itto, and has only been recently revealed during the start of version 2.2. Coming in the second half of Genshin Impact’s version 2.3, Arataki Itto appears as a wishable and playable character. Arriving along with him in the banner is Gorou, another prominent character present during the climax of Inazuma’s Archon quests. This article will serve as your guide on how to optimally build Arataki Itto, including his best weapons, artifact sets, and team compositions.

Arataki Itto Overview

Unlike pretty much every other claymore character in the game, Arataki Itto’s normal attacks have special properties that enhance his damage. The second and fourth hit of his normal attack string grants Itto 1 and 2 stacks of Superlative Superstrength (SS) respectively, which can stack up to 5 counts. The unique thing about this mechanic, is that it also allows Itto to continue his attack string even if he performs his Elemental Skill or sprint in between hits.

His charged attack also works differently. When starting a charged attack, Itto uses a unique attack called Arataki Kesagiri, which doesn’t consume stamina, but instead consumes stacks of SS. A powerful attack is also performed when the final stack of SS is consumed. When there are no stacks of SS, Itto performs a single Saichimonji Slash instead.

Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Burst! is Arataki Itto’s Elemental Skill. Itto hurls a young bull towards a target, dealing Geo DMG. This also acts as a Geo Construct that can taunt enemies. When the bull takes DMG, flees after reaching 0 HP, or its duration ends, it provides Itto with a stack of SS. This ability is an easy way to consistently gain SS, since it has an amazing uptime of 60% (6s duration, 10s cooldown).

Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil! is Arataki Itto’s Elemental Burst. For a set duration, Itto’s attacks are converted to Geo DMG, gains ATK SPD, and additional ATK based on his DEF. Additionally, the first and third hit of his normal string grants 1 stack of SS, and Itto gains 20% Elemental and Physical Res.

Itto’s burst is like a gigantic steroid, which is simply fitting due to his demon-like heritage. Combined with the mechanic in his normal string, his first four attacks during his burst provide him with a total of 5 stacks of SS, which can be followed by a full string of Arataki Kesagiri. This results in massive amounts of Geo damage over the duration of his Elemental Burst.

Best Weapon Build for Arataki Itto

Redhorn Stonethresher – Lv90 – 542 ATK – 88.2% CDMG

This weapon looks to be his signature one, and is rightfully so when we look at the stats it provides. It has an absolutely ridiculous 88.2% Crit Damage substat, and its passive increases his DEF, along with adding bonus damage to his attacks based on his DEF. If you have a surplus of Primogems to spare, Redhorn seems to be a great pull for Itto.

Serpent Spine – Lv90 – 510 ATK – 27.6% Crit Rate

This is Itto’s definitive weapon for the average player. It can be obtained from the Battle Pass, which is totally accessible for low-spenders. Math-wise, this weapon is surprisingly busted, that its Refine 1 beats a Refine 5 Whiteblind, while its Refine 3 actually beats a Refine 1 Redhorn Stonethresher! This is mainly due to the value of Crit Rate, and the weapon passive’s universal damage multiplier. From the get go, this weapon along with Itto’s innate substat of Crit Rate, already provides 57% Crit Rate, which makes it extremely easy to allocate the other stats.

Some might argue that this weapon may cause Itto to take more damage and thus making it a dangerous option, but it’s really not a problem for a full Geo team with shields. Furthermore, Itto gains bonus Elemental and Physical resistance during his Elemental Burst. And Itto stacks DEF. No biggie.

Whiteblind – Lv90 – 510 ATK – 51.7% DEF

If you’re a full F2P player, the Whiteblind definitely won’t disappoint. This weapon is an early craftable claymore, which makes it very accessible for everyone. Despite having two other monstrous options stated above, Whiteblind isn’t too far behind, and is still a very competent choice for a lot of players. At max refinement and peak performance, this weapon provides up to about 100% DEF, and also 48% ATK (not that it matters). However, this much DEF pushes it towards diminishing returns, so it may worry those who want to optimize as much as possible.

Best Artifact Sets for Arataki Itto

Husk of Opulent Dreams (4-piece) – This set is fantastic for a lot of Geo characters, and that includes Itto. It provides up to 54% DEF and 24% Geo DMG Bonus at peak performance, which is nothing short of stellar. Activating it is also quite simple, and Itto only needs to attack four times to get the maximum bonuses. 

For the main stats, aim for DEF% for Sands, Geo DMG Bonus for Goblets, and Crit Rate/DMG for Circlets. Substat priority is in this order: Crit Rate = Crit DMG > DEF% > Energy Recharge > Flat DEF.  These stat priorities are also applied to the following sets stated below.

Retracing Bolide (4-piece) – This is a decent option for Itto, though it’s more relevant when you’re a player who doesn’t have access yet to the Husk set. This artifact set can be easily accessed early on in Liyue, and provides amazing damage boost, as long as you can keep up with Itto’s shielding. If you don’t have a consistent shielder, then the other best option is the 2-piece Archaic Petra + 2-piece Defender’s Will combo, which is still very decent in the early game. Be careful not to overly invest in artifacts until you finally have access to the Husk set. 

Best Team Compositions for Arataki Itto

Mono Geo – Recommended Party Members – Itto, Albedo, Zhongli, Gorou

Nothing else, honestly. Itto and Gorou are the two mainstays, and you can fill the other two with Geo Traveler and Noelle, if you don’t have Albedo or Zhongli. Ningguang can also chip in as a Burst DPS support, if you build her with the Widsith catalyst. Having the big four results in probably one of the best teams in Genshin Impact. 

If you’re not comfortable not having a competent healer (please, not Noelle), You can replace Zhongli with Kokomi, Jean, or any other Healer. If you have to choose between Albedo or Zhongli, Albedo seems to be the better choice in version 2.3, due to his monstrous upgrade in overall damage, which is too hard to pass up. 

Arataki Itto looks like an interesting and fun character to play, and some players might start to see the appeal of Geo teams, which has only risen in relevance recently. If you’re a fan of flashy, hard-hitting gameplay, Itto is definitely the character for you.

Arataki Itto makes his debut in Genshin Impact‘s version 2.3, through the Oni’s Royale Character Event Wish Banner. That banner will run from December 14, 2021, until January 4, 2022. That’s a long time for those who want to rack up on Primogems and save up for a C6 Itto.