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The epic Josh Allen stat vs. Rams that might be bittersweet for Bills Mafia

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, after decimating the reigning Super Bowl champions Los Angeles Rams in their home stadium, 31-10, in the NFL season opener, are dominating the headlines, and rightfully so. Allen, in particular, was a highlight machine, disrespecting opponents with a filthy stiff arm and a 53-yard touchdown pass that put the nail in the Rams’ coffin.

However, despite the Bills’ monster all-around effort, one stat in particular can be seen as troublesome for the Bills fanbase, known as Bills Mafia.

It’s standard for Allen to put up the passing numbers he did, completing 26 out of 31 throws, three of which were for touchdowns, for 297 yards. For the 26-year old quarterback to lead the team in carries and in rushing yards is wild. In fact, according to StatMuse, Allen had more rushing yards himself than the entire Rams, led by running back Darrell Henderson.

Sure, Josh Allen also added a rushing touchdown for the fun of it, because we are clearly just living in Josh Allen’s world, but as he racks up the miles on his body, him leading the team in rushing stats could only serve to endanger the longevity of his career. Bills fans may be on Cloud 9, but they are well aware that Allen is the bus driver that can take the Bills into the promised land of a Super Bowl victory, something the franchise is yet to achieve in their 60-plus year history.

Surely head coach Sean McDermott has a plan to protect his star quarterback, who will have an even greater target on his back after such an electrifying opening performance. Josh Allen’s fearlessness on the field is what makes him such an entertaining player to watch, but it would be the best for everyone if he remains healthy for the next 10 to 15 years. Limiting the need for him to take on such a heavy rushing load will be a vital step in ensuring that happens.