The Last Dance news: Horace Grant, Bulls centers share best moments
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Horace Grant, Bulls centers share their best moments during championship run


Horace Grant, Bill Wennington, and Will Perdue were three of Chicago Bulls’ big men during their championship run in the 90s. With the sports documentary The Last Dance, fans have been treated to a trip down memory lane. Grant, Perdue, and Wennington, too, reminisced on the best moments when they were on top of the basketball world.

In NBC Sports Chicago‘s “Be Chicago: Together We Can” fundraiser Wednesday night, the trio shared their headspace on winning multiple titles. Grant started his career with the Bulls in the 1987-88 season.

And right from the get-go, he met the Bad Boys Detroit Pistons — a team which gave them a beat down for three straight seasons in the playoffs. And so when they finally won their first title, it was a mixture of relief and happiness for him and the fans.

“Going through the trials and tribulations of an entire year after getting beat by Detroit the previous two or three years,” Grant said of what made that chip special. “I would say just the joyfulness when we won and what we brought to the organization, and to all the fans of the city of Chicago.”

Wennington, for his part, was the Bulls’ big man in their second three-peat. He looked back on the 1996 title which is his first Larry O’Brien trophy.

“That was my first championship and watching that banner going up and knowing that I was a part of it and how hard we worked to get there,” Wennington said. “Really, when I look back, my whole time in Chicago is encapsulated in that.”

Perdue on the other hand, couldn’t keep his emotions in check as he watched the first few episodes unfold.

“But, literally as I was watching that with my son, that brought a little tear to my eye, because that also reminded me of just how hard that really was.”

Episodes 5 and 6 of The Last Dance will premiere on Sunday, May 10, at 9 p.m. ET.