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Michael Jordan rips BJ Armstrong for celebrating his game winner in the 1998 playoffs

The Last Dance, Michael Jordan, BJ Armstrong

After signing with the Charlotte Hornets, former Chicago Bulls guard BJ Armstrong faced his old team in 1998, on what would be Michael Jordan’s last dance in the playoffs. ESPN and Jordan told the story on Sunday’s new episodes of The Last Dance docuseries.

Armstrong ended up delivering in a win, scoring eight points at 50 percent from the field during the last quarter. He had stared down the Bulls bench and high-fived his teammates every time he scored. And Michael Jordan didn’t like it one bit.

“I felt like BJ should know better. If you’re going to high-five, talk trash, now I had a bone to pick with you … You know I’m suppose to kill this guy, I’m supposed to dominate this guy, and from that point on I did.

The Bulls drafted BJ Armstrong 18th overall in the 1989 draft. He then became a solid player off the bench, eventually winning championships with them during their first three-peat. During Jordan’s first retirement, Armstrong even earned a 1994 All-Star selection.

Now, with his incredible performance, the Hornets won 78-76 in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, handing Chicago their first loss in the postseason. What was the lesson here? It’s simple — never mess with the GOAT. That game became Charlotte’s only win in the series.

MJ eventually guarded Armstrong on Game 3, who ended up shooting 14 percent from the field. Meanwhile, Jordan would dominate the next three games, averaging over 30 points. The Bulls breezed through the rest of the series, advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals after sweeping Charlotte over thee next three games.

Chicago then famously made their way to the Finals one last time and grabbed their sixth and latest title.