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Michael Jordan ‘throwing Scottie Pippen under the bus’ doesn’t sit well with Craig Hodges

The Last Dance, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Craig Hodges

Michael Jordan has been basking in the glory of his recent docuseries, The Last Dance, which has been very well received by the masses in the midst of a global pandemic. Yet his former teammate, Craig Hodges, has some qualms about how the story is presented, almost absolving Jordan of any responsibility despite making some strong remarks about his teammates.

Hodges took offense at Jordan “throwing [Scottie Pippen] under the bus” and calling him “selfish” for he handled a contract dispute before the 1997-98 season (The Last Dance). He also called him out for not having back surgery during the summer, as Pippen instead chose to live out his summer and undergo surgery prior to the start of the season, which caused him to miss a chunk of the campaign.

Jordan had also singled out Horace Grant for vital leaks to the press as Sam Smith’s book: “The Jordan Rules” was published then.

Via Rob Schaefer of NBC Sports Chicago:

“To single Horace out for that, to look at the climate that was going on during the time,” Hodges told Leila Rahimi on the Bulls Talk Podcast. “Who knows the conversations that was happening between Sam (Smith) and MJ that MJ thought was off-the-cuff, and he was writing them down? So, there’s a lot of things to me that are left unsaid that need to be explained, and so if you’re going to point someone out, point them out with facts as opposed to it being innuendo.

“It’s ugly for what we did as a unit and what we accomplished as a team.”

While Grant and Pippen were able to have their chance to say their piece, the docuseries does not hold Jordan accountable enough for his words, making it merely a battle of opinions.

Jordan comes out on top of all these accusations since The Last Dance is based on his story, clearing the protagonist of any wrongdoing. Hodges was not interviewed for the series and he surely is looking at this 10-part documentary with very different eyes than the public.