The once Japan-only PSP JRPG cult-classic The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure now has a Western release date.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure Release Date: March 14, 2023

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is headed to PC, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch on March 14, 2023. The game is published by NIS America and developed by Nihon Falcom. The European release will arrive three days late on March 17, 2023, and the Australian release comes out a week after on March 24, 2023.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure Story

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is the sequel to Trails from Zero, the second half of the Crossbell story arc, itself a part of the larger The Legend of Heroes franchise and Trails series.

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The Crossbell arc refers to the Trails story set in the city-state of Crossbell, located between the great powers of Erebonia and Calvard. It follows the rookie police investigator Lloyd Bannings and the Special Support Section, consisting of himself, Elie McDowell, Randy Orlando, and Tio Plato, protecting the city from criminal activity and the geopolitical situation that looms over it.

In Trails to Azure, the SSS are joined by two new recruits: Army sergeant major Neol Seeker and the former gang leader Wazy Hemisphere. In this game, the SSS will have to face civil unrest and occult intrusions as the mayor of Crossbell declares independence and uses KeA Bannings, the SSS’s young ward with powers, to rewrite history.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure Gameplay

As a JRPG, Trails to Azure focuses on a core group of characters that the player controls in their party. Trails’ gameplay differs from most JRPGs by allowing its characters to maneuver around the battlefield during their turn, making unit placement an important part of the game strategy. Similar to other JRPGs, players gain experience and equipment as they fight through enemies, growing stronger after each fight.

For the long-time fans, players who have a save file of The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero will be able to upload their save file, allowing them to have a modified experience in Trails to Azure, including some special scenes and other secret scenes that are not available in the game without a a Trails from Zero save file.