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Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls, NBA Draft

The NBA Draft trade that would bring Derrick Rose home to the Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are in an interesting position in this year’s NBA Draft. They have the number four overall pick in what many people say is a three-player draft. Moreover, they also have a team with a lot of young talent ready to make their move into playoff contention. This brings us to Derrick Rose.

On the daily Locked On Bulls Podcast, hosts Matt Peck and Jordan Maly discuss a trade where the Pistons and Bulls would swap first-round picks, resulting in the Chicago based franchise snagging hometown hero Derrick Rose.

Matt Peck: Jordan, So in this scenario, Detroit trades up to get the number four pick, the Bulls trade down and get Detroit’s number seven pick and also Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose signed a two-year deal with Detroit last summer. He is under contract with Detroit for the 2021 season at $7.6 million.

Jordan Maly: I don’t hate it, Matt. I actually don’t hate it. I think the Bulls would need more though… What’s another piece from the Pistons that you’ve got to get back that makes it worth them moving up four spots? D-Rose and the number eight for the number four pick is not enough for the Bulls to say yes, not even close to enough.

I think they’ve got to get another young piece, whether it may be. I know that Detroit probably doesn’t want to trade him but, Luke Kennard would be a piece that the Bulls probably would want off that team, Sekou Doumbouya would be another piece. Then now you’re talking about adding and trading multiple pieces away from our team and the Detroit Pistons having to shape and trade away multiple pieces on their team as well. Do any of those young guys on that Pistons roster that makes sense that you could add to this deal that would sweeten it for the Bulls?