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Packers, Aaron Rodgers

The Packers may finally help Aaron Rodgers by signing new weapon

Green Bay Packers fans have been dying for their team to get some help for the Hall of Fame quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. At the trade deadline, several rumors tied Houston Texans wide receiver Will Fuller to a potential trade with the Packers.

That rumor never came true but the Packers did agree to a deal with Tavon Austin. Also, another wide receiver, Kenny Stills, cleared waivers earlier this week. Peter Bukowski, the host of the daily Locked On Packers podcast, made the argument that getting Stills could be better for the Packers than Fuller would be moving forward.

Bukowski: Forget a second-round pick, if you give up a third-round pick for Will Fuller and he plays, what, two games for you, three games for you then he gets suspended and you don’t even get him for the playoffs and that’s what you really wanted him for, think about how embarrassing that is and you lose him for nothing. This is what the Packers had in mind. By the way, they still have a chance with Kenny Sills, who cleared waivers. They could still sign Kenny Stills. Maybe even by the time this podcast comes out they could have already done it. Because if you look around the league and you go, but where could he find a contender who could also give him a prominent role in the offense? Green Bay and Seattle really are the big options. Maybe you look at that Seattle team and realize that they don’t only have one good receiver like Green Bay but they have two. Tyler Lockett is better Allen Lazard and no one is a bigger Lazard fan than I am. To me, the move for Stills is to come to Green Bay. If the Packers can get Austin and Stills for practically free, that might be better anyway than bringing in Will Fuller.