Kemba Walker of the Thunder knows the Golden State Warriors find themselves in an interesting situation this offseason. It looks like Klay Thompson will finally come back next year, giving the Warriors a reliable big three once again. It's unclear what the front office plans to do with Kelly Oubre Jr., as he's set to hit free agency right now. This franchise is in a pivotal moment, as any transactions they make will have an impact for years to come.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are in a full rebuild and could be looking to trade Kemba Walker. He's coming off of a down year, but he could bounce back in the right system. Oklahoma City has the draft capital and the cap space to make some noise this offseason, so it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out for them.

This is an important offseason for both franchises, but a deal could come to fruition that benefits both teams. They each have top seven selections in the 2021 NBA Draft, so talented prospects are incoming. However, these franchises are in different stages, as the Warriors are a playoff contender next year, while the Thunder are fully rebuilding.

With that said, here is the perfect trade the Warriors must offer the Thunder for Kemba Walker.

Warriors trade Andrew Wiggins, 2nd-round pick for Kemba Walker

For the Warriors, they officially move on from Andrew Wiggins and replace him with Kemba Walker. This likely means the starting lineup consists of Walker, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson rotating in the backcourt and small forward position. Golden State would go all-in on the small ball strategy, allowing them to play at a fast pace. The three-point shooting would remain the same, so the identity of the Warriors wouldn't change by any means.

Wiggins has had it rough from NBA fans, as he's been deemed a bust. Being a former number one selection, Wiggins hasn't lived up to the hype many believed he would achieve. However, he's still a solid small forward and can help the Thunder in their rebuild. This would allow Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to work as the scorer while Wiggins plays as the second option in Oklahoma City.

To make the deal worthwhile, the Warriors may have to offer up a draft pick. However, Walker's value has dropped due to his poor performance this last season. The Warriors likely won't have to give up an important first-round pick. Oklahoma wants all of the picks like Sean O'Malley wants all of the smoke, so the front office is likely open to acquiring a second-round selection in this deal as well.

With multiple guards available in the top 10 of the NBA Draft this year, Oklahoma would be setting themselves up for success down the road. Having an elite prospect at that position coupled with Gilgeous-Alexander sounds like a dream come true for this organization. Meanwhile, Wiggins serves as a nice small forward during this rebuild. Golden State likely becomes a playoff team once again with Walker on the roster. He also helps alleviate pressure off of Curry, so the Warriors star point guard can have a rest once in a while. It will be important for the Dubs to manage Curry's minutes, an obvious building block in a legitimate push toward a championship, but the bigger point is that Golden State has to be able to hold its own when Curry isn't on the floor.