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The Pirates are responsible for the worst MLB trade

In the past decade, there have been a ton of bad trades in the MLB but one involving the Pittsburgh Pirates stands out as the worst and the timeliness of the events over the past few weeks drives the argument home.

Aram Leighton, the host of the daily Locked On MLB Prospects podcast, produced an episode detailing the worst MLB trades of the decade. His worst MLB trade of the decade was the Pirates agreeing to send outfielder Austin Meadows and right-hander Tyler Glasnow in exchange for right-hander Chris Archer.

Leighton: My worst trade is the Pirates trading for Chris Archer. It is just perfect timing with this World Series as well as Meadows and Glasnow played an integral part of the Rays run to the World Series though they came up short. Chris Archer, also, was not given a qualifying offer this past weekend so right around the same time that the Rays made a run with the pieces they got in that deal, the Pirates decided that Archer was not worth the $11 million option, which I think at the time thought would be a no-brainer to pick up when they made the trade, but obviously when you trade Auston Meadows, Tyler Glasnow, and Shane Bass in this deal. I can remember as clear as day, I even pulled up some old texts of me saying, “What in the world are the Pirates doing? Have they not watched Chris Archer pitch the last two years?” Archer was special for a few years there especially when he first came up but has had a steady regression since he peaked during his All-Star season.