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Philip Rivers, Colts

The pros and cons of the Colts signing QB Philip Rivers

The Indianapolis Colts have a big decision to make this offseason deciding who will be the quarterback next season. The team still has Jacoby Brissett under center, but the team could decide to go in a different direction and a guy like Phillip Rivers could make a lot of sense. With Rivers, there are a lot of positives, but there are also some negatives if he were to sign. Let’s break down some pros and cons of Rivers coming on board with the Colts.


Still a dynamic passer

Rivers is getting up there in age, but he is still a dynamic quarterback that can win ball games. During the 2019 season for the Los Angeles Chargers he completed 66 percent of his passes for 4,615 yards, and 23 touchdowns. At times Brissett seemed afraid to push the ball down the field. Although it’s not always a great thing, the Colts won’t ever have to worry about Rivers being aggressive with his deep passing.

Veteran Leader

By all accounts, Rivers is a great teammate and locker room presence. Even though he has had struggles at times, he would be a great addition to the locker room. If the Colts would want to draft their future quarterback in the first couple rounds in April, it would make sense for them to sit behind Rivers for a year or two.



The age really only is an issue if the team doesn’t have a plan in place for what to do after Rivers is gone. Rivers is 38 years old, and it’s hard to imagine he has more than a year or two left in the NFL. If the team is going to bring in Rivers and wait to get a long term option until after he retires, that is a big mistake. If that is their plan the team would probably be better going after someone like Marcus Mariota and hoping he can be the future.

Interception after interception after interception

The biggest problem with Rivers is his interceptions and it has to raise some questions if he is really the right answer for the Colts. Rivers has always been known as a gunslinger, but during the 2019 that style of play caused a lot of issues. Rivers threw 20 interceptions and it seemed they always came at the worst time.

The interceptions are a  concern, and it could be enough for the Colts to go in a different direction.