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The Real Reason why Titanfall DDoS attacks aren’t solved yet

Titanfall Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment

There’s one big reason why Titanfall‘s Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) problems persist, and it’s all on Respawn Entertainment.

Before Apex Legends came to be, Titanfall was the game that Respawn Entertainment has heavily been working on. Devs of the FPS shooter constantly made sure that players got their money’s worth by ensuring smooth gameplay and a fully satisfactory gaming experience. However, recently that isn’t the case for the Titanfall series as the player base has constantly been experiencing unresolved DDoS attacks. Recently, fans of the game also committed a DDoS attack on Apex Legends in an effort to catch Respawn’s attention and force them to issue a fix. Sadly, the DDoS attack was labeled as fruitless by Respawn itself.

Respawn Entertainment has experienced a lot of hacking problems in its titles as of late. At the moment, the developers have turned their attention to Apex Legends since the game is more populated compared to the Titanfall franchise. This comes as bad news for Titanfall fans because they feel like Respawn has totally let go of maintaining the franchise. Community Coordinator Jason Garza mentioned that they haven’t abandoned the game and assured fans that there are still developers working on the franchise. It may sound reassuring, however, the truth is only one or two people are actually working on the series. 

Because Apex Legends is tremendously popular, it’s understandable that Respawn focuses most of its resources on it. It’s not easy maintaining a game especially with malicious activity such as DDoS attacks. Garza stated that things take time and everything can’t be magically fixed in just a push of a button. As much as everyone is infuriated with the whole situation, all fans can do at the moment is hope for the best.