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PSA BGS grading delays NBA Sports Cards

The reason PSA/BGS grading delays actually help the sports card industry

Who wouldn’t say no to a gem-mint graded card of their favorite player? Ask any card fan and you’ll most likely get a resounding yes right away. But thanks to a recent price increase by grading company PSA, this process has become a little more difficult and tedious than ever.

But before you go off on a rant, there’s a good rationale why this recent development and the massive submission backlog out there are good for the card industry as a whole. After quite some time, you’ll come to appreciate these recent moves by PSA and other players in the grading game. We tackle the primary reason down below and several tips that will help you out in this matter


The value of graded cards are preserved

Have you ever lived through the Junk Wax Era? If you have, or you have a good idea about it, you’ll know why a great influx of graded cards is a bad thing for the industry. Keep in mind that when there’s too much of one thing, its value will drastically drop. As a result, you’ll end up with a worthless piece of plastic if there are a lot of graded cards going around.

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This is how the Law of Supply and Demand works and its effect is now being felt in the card market. Fortunately, PSA and BGS, two of the premier grading companies around, won’t let that happen. As of the moment, these two brands are dealing with a massive backlog of submissions. PSA even reported that they are currently handling more than a million cards in their possession.

With these huge delays and a price increase in effect, you can expect the prices of graded cards to retain their value for the foreseeable future. This will help card enthusiasts to make a good profit out of their slab sales without fear that an oversupply will drastically change things.


Be more discerning with your grading choices

Since getting a card graded is going to take time and money, it’s only prudent to choose which cards you’re going to send carefully. It’s not sensible to have base cards or those with a high print population be sent to either PSA or BGS. You would only waste your resources if you do so.

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In this case, it’s best to go for rookie cards or those with a low print run. Having those cards graded will increase their worth and make them easier to flip on the market.


Seek the help of experts

Sending a card to be graded on your own will definitely take more time and money. You also won’t be sure about the grade you’re going to get after. It’s best to seek the aid of experts who can help you overcome those challenges.

There are a lot of people out there who are subscribed to PSA and BGS’s group submission services, which lowers the grading fee for each card. Some of them also offer quality cleaning services so you can get the best grade possible. In this way, the money and time you’ll be shelling out for your beloved cards will be worth it.

Dealing with months of waiting for your card to be graded can be excruciating, especially if you really want to get a good grade. Rather than look at things from a negative perspective, you can choose to see the benefits this delay brings to the card industry as a whole. Doing so will help you appreciate the hobby more.