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Three years ago Blake Griffin ‘accidentally’ poured his water on a celebrating Warriors fan

Back three years ago, when the L.A. Clippers were the Golden State Warriors‘ kryptonite in the postseason, a non-conforming Blake Griffin “accidentally” poured his water on a clueless Warriors fan while looking at the replay of a foul on the big screen above.

While it looks merely incidental, the bad blood between these two teams and the fact that Griffin tosses his cup at the fan makes one think he wasn’t so innocent after all.

Even his friend couldn’t help but laugh.

That’s the kind of experiences one can have sitting front row in a heavily-disputed game, even more so in the playoffs. But the guy is probably happy his anecdote can be “Blake Griffin once poured a drink on me,” rather than “Blake Griffin punched me in my face this one time…”

The Clippers would go on to take the series 4-3 in 2014, but would face a much different destiny from then on after the hiring of Steve Kerr.

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