When it comes to Oklahoma City Thunder superstar point guard Russell Westbrook, he has drawn a fair share of criticism about whether or not he pads his stats during games. Thunder star forward Carmelo Anthony addressed that topic on Tuesday afternoon when he was interviewed by members of the Oklahoma City media.

When asked whether Westbrook steals rebounds away from teammates and how Anthony feels about that sort of thing, the forward gave a priceless answer.

“He steals. He steals,” Anthony said with a laugh and a huge smile. “We got a defensive rebound. I don’t think nobody thinks twice about that. As long as we get the rebound, I don’t think we worry about that. Individually, we’re not like, ‘Damn, I got to get this rebound. I got to rebound more.’ As long as we get the rebound, we all cool with that.”

Westbrook needs 16 rebounds during tomorrow night's regular-season finale against the Memphis Grizzlies to officially average a triple-double for the second straight season.

Anthony also thinks there's a misunderstanding about the label some people give to Westbrook as a selfish basketball player.

“He’s averaging a triple-double,” Anthony said of Westbrook. “It’s hard to say somebody’s selfish when they average a triple-double. “I think it’s just…people don’t understand his mindset. I think people can kind of take that and put a wrong perspective on his mindset and what he’s trying to accomplish. At the end of the day, his main focus is to win.”

A video of the interview with Anthony, which was posted on Twitter by Erik Horne of The Oklahoman, can be viewed below.

In 79 starts this season for the Thunder, Westbrook is averaging 25.6 points on 45.0 percent shooting from the field, 10.1 assists, 9.9 rebounds, and 1.8 steals per game.