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Carmelo Anthony endorses new Paul George playoff nickname ‘Playoff P’

Paul George, Carmelo Anthony

Paul George’s new nickname of “Playoff P” has caught buzz after the All-Star forward followed a 40-point outing to end the regular season with 36 points in Game 1 against the Utah Jazz, propelling the Oklahoma City Thunder to a 116-108 win.

Following the game, teammates Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony were under the impression the local media had given him the nickname, only to find out it was self-given.

“I thought you guys gave him that name, but I found out this morning he named himself that,” said Anthony.

Asked if it’s frowned upon to come up with nicknames for himself, Anthony was ultimately succinct.

“I thought it had to come from somebody else, but when you have a performance like that last night, he can stick with Playoff P.”

Now that it’s received the Hoodie Melo blessing, George will hope to bring Playoff P back for the remainder of the series against a dangerous Utah Jazz team that boasts the best defensive lineup in the league.

George finished a blistering 13-of-20 from the floor, including 8-of-11 from beyond the arc through his 28 minutes on the floor, also doing the work on the defensive end, shutting out the play-making Joe Ingles during his time guarding him.

The Thunder will take them on once again at home on Wednesday before the series turns back to Utah on Saturday and next Monday.