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City Edition Thunder jerseys may have leaked

russell westbrook

A new variant of the Oklahoma City Thunder jersey may have been leaked.

As per Red Earth, below are photos of what’s believed to be the new Thunder “City Edition” jersey for this season.

This appears to be a new version of the “City Edition” uniforms of the Thunder. Last year, Nike — who’s been in charge of the NBA jerseys since last season — unveiled City jerseys that had different colorways. Check out the Thunder’s promotional video for the City Edition jerseys last year:

Which one looks better? The old or the new? Since the supposed leak, the new jerseys have gained mixed reactions, though most of the fans liked the new designs.

Since Nike took over, they’ve rolled out a bunch of new jersey designs for all of the teams. You no longer see them wearing the same old jersey when they’re playing at home or away.

And as the brand enters another year in partnership with the NBA, it seems that the company is bent on unveiling more creative design patterns with hopes of adding some more aesthetic pleasure in watching a basketball game.

In the days to come, we can expect the Thunder to come up with a similar promotional video to officially unveil their new jerseys.