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Corey Brewer explains why Russell Westbrook is so special

Corey Brewer Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has yet to win the ultimate goal of an NBA championship. He has come close a few times, but now there is a narrative that he’s not a winning player. Some fans and members of the media want to label him as a selfish player or someone who isn’t capable of winning.

Corey Brewer doesn’t see Westbrook in the same light. Brewer appeared on the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast and had this to say about the point guard’s desire to win:

“He’s positive and he’s all about trying to win. Sometimes he wants to win so bad, he might do some crazy stuff. But that’s Russ. He’s unbelievable. But if you’re open he’s going to hit you, he’s going to pass you the basketball. He’s a freak athlete, as fast as he is, as high as he jumps, you want him on your team.”

Westbrook’s high-energy style of play looks out of control at times, which Brewer alludes to by saying, “he might do some crazy stuff.” But anyone who questions Westbrook’s desire to win clearly isn’t watching him play.

Russ is criticized for stat-chasing — which there may be some validity to at times — but no one can ever question his effort level. Westbrook certainly has areas of his game he needs to improve, but this doesn’t mean he isn’t a winner.

Westbrook is a former MVP and one of the most special players of this generation. He has his flaws — as all players do — but for some reason, these flaws are completely blown out of proportion.