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Jimmy Butler thought his ‘life was over’ after getting hit by a Thunder’s Steven Adams screen last season

Steven Adams, Jimmy Butler

Steven Adams has earned a reputation of one of the toughest guys in the NBA. A traditional big man, he’s managed to help the Oklahoma City Thunder become one of the league’s best teams without following the trends of modern day centers who like to play outside the painted area and shoot threes. Instead, he’s decided to keep playing old-school, smash-mouth type of basketball.

Only a few guys can go head-to-head with Adams in terms of pure, brute strength. One of the reasons why his Russell Westbrook and Paul George benefit a lot from pick and roll plays is Adams’ ability to set good screens.

In an interview with ESPN’s Royce Young, Philadelphia 76ers’ Jimmy Butler recalled an incident last season, when he tried to get past a pick set by Adams.

“That m—–f—– is strong. Like, I’m serious,” Philadelphia 76ers star Ji/mmy Butler said last season. “He hit me with one screen and I thought my life was over.

“He’s from Krypton or something.”

In a league where teams prefer big men that can stretch the floor, Adams has found a way to be relevant and effective without changing his game. Moreover, he found a home in OKC; a team that believes in his skill set and knows how to use him as a player.

While most talk about either the possibility of Westbrook averaging a triple-double for the third straight year or George proving that he made the right choice by not going to the Lakers, Adams is trying to write his own story this season.

By just being himself.