Thunder news: Russell Westbrook gets 16th technical foul of the season
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Thunder star Russell Westbrook gets 16th technical foul of the season

Russell Westbrook, Thunder

In a game where the Oklahoma City Thunder’s frustrations towards officiating were obvious, All-Star guard Russell Westbrook picked up his 16th technical foul of the season.

Westbrook picked up the foul in their game against the Golden State Warriors. With Klay Thompson defending him, Westbrook’s emotions got the better of him leading to the technical.

This could hurt the Thunder moving forward. Once Westbrook’s 16th technical foul is made official, he will automatically be suspended for one game. Moreover, succeeding technical fouls that will be called against him will also result in a one-game suspension.

For a guy as emotional and aggressive on the court as Russ, that means he has to limit his reactions towards opponents moving forward.

Russell Westbrook has been critical about league officials this season. Now, that has to change.

He is the heart and soul of OKC, and any suspensions that will be handed to him could hurt the team’s chances especially in the playoffs.

Westbrook is also set to shell out $5,000 for the 16th and succeeding technicals he will receive.

OKC is expected to make a deep run in the playoffs, with most people believing that they could dethrone the Warriors if they meet in the postseason. In order for them to do that, however, Westbrook must play with patience and composure. Otherwise, all their efforts might be put to waste.

As the postseason draws near, emotions could be running high for players of contending teams, and just like what happened with Westbrook, it could get the best of them if they don’t control it.