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Thunder center Steven Adams has no intention of ever becoming a 3-point shooter

Steven Adams

Over the past few years, some of the best teams in the NBA has found great success in shooting 3-pointers. Players who are capable of shooting atleast 35-40% from deep are highly valuable in the league. In fact, we’re now in an era that even seven footers are required to be able to hit the 3-point shot consistently.

But Oklahoma City Thunder’s Steven Adams firmly believes it is not necessary for him to follow the trend, according to a report by ESPN’s Royce Young.

“You don’t have to shoot bloody 3s,” he says. “Points per possession — I get it. I get it. But it’s not a machine. You can’t just throw throw s— in there and the product at the end should be, ‘This, according to our calculation.’ That’s not how it works.”

“There’s other players out there that I’m pretty sure I could beat them in a 3-point contest, other bigs. But they’ll shoot one in a game,” Adams says. “Hey, their coach allows it, that’s cool. I don’t give a s—. Do whatever you gotta do.

“But for our system and stuff, it’s not like I’m picking and popping. Even though there’s an opportunity there, it’s more about understanding the value of that possession. Because the last thing I want is to shoot a 3 just to shoot a 3.”

Adams remains as a traditional back-to-the-basket center who relies heavily on his arsenal of post moves to score points. His 15.4 points on 60.7% shooting is his way of backing up his statements. He remains one of the most efficient bigs right now, and OKC is benefitting a lot from his style of play.

As long as he can help his team win, there’s no need for Adam to change anything in his game.