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Tiger Woods crash investigation reveals shocking new detail moments before collision

Tiger Woods, PGA

It has been nearly a month since the scary car accident involving Tiger Woods happened and there are new details being revealed in the situation. With authorities attempting to figure out what occurred on the day Woods crashed his vehicle, it has been discovered that there is no evidence of Woods decelerating his car, per TMZ Sports.

In late February, news broke of Woods crashing his vehicle as he needed to be transported to the hospital immediately. Woods suffered major leg injuries in the crash, leading some to believe he sustained a more serious leg injury than Alex Smith’s gruesome leg injury.

At the least, Tiger Woods didn’t receive any life-threatening injuries and he has been in good spirits since the crash took place. But authorities have continued to investigate the incident with plenty of questions needing to be answered.

Upon further investigation, officials said that Woods could have been asleep at the wheel due to how there was a late reaction to him braking before impact. However, recent reports show that Woods may not have even attempted to hit the brakes on his car, which could mean he was unconscious when the crash happened.

There hasn’t been any evidence showing that Woods was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he crashed his vehicle, causing it to flip over.

Tiger Woods told officials that he doesn’t recall the moment he crashed his car, which would support the idea of him being unconscious. Regardless of what happened the day he crashed his vehicle, hopefully, he makes a full recovery and can maintain a positive mindset through the situation.