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Kevin Garnett says Minnesota should start Derrick Rose at point guard

The Minnesota Timberwolves signed Derrick Rose towards the end of last season to be a backup point guard but Wolves legend Kevin Garnett thinks he has done enough to prove that he should actually be the starter.

Garnett did an interview with Brandon Robinson of ScoopB and he said there is no reason that Rose shouldn’t start the season as the starter.

Hear the man out! “It’s D-Rose,” Kevin Garnett said.

“You know, you get older, but the knowledge don’t go anywhere. He’s more crafty now than ever in the pick-and-roll. He’s able to get shots for guys and he’s able to knock shots down, so yeah, I would.”

Derrick Rose was arguably the Wolves best player during their postseason series against the Rockets last year shooting 50 percent from the field and 70 percent from deep. Rose has always dealt with injury issues but for the most part, he looks healthy again and there is no doubt he is still a good player when he stays healthy. Jamal Crawford was also on the Wolves last year and he also had high praise to dish out about the former Chicago Bulls MVP.

“He’s still as fast as any guard out there. He would have some practices where he’d just dominate and get to the lane at will, hit shots, hit mid-range shots and floaters, all the reasons people love him. And he can do all those things. He would just run back so nonchalant, like I could do this whenever I want. He didn’t say that, but his play was so easy for him, so I think that’s something he’s going to show more this year and people will be pleasantly surprised.”

Jeff Teague is expected to be the starting guard with Tyus Jones and Rose being the backup but maybe these guys have a point, the Timberwolves might be better off starting Rose.