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Timberwolves players growing tired of Jimmy Butler rumors during training camp


The saga surrounding Jimmy Butler’s desire to be traded has drenched the Minnesota Timberwolves in doubt and constant questioning surrounding their best player, who has yet to show up to training camp or play in any preseason games. Fellow starters like Taj Gibson and Jeff Teague have gotten the burden of answering the media’s barrage of questions after president/head coach Tom Thibodeau has stalemated conversations for three weeks.

“It’s tough but you have to just circle the wagons like Thibs said,” Gibson said, according to Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic. “I’m just focusing right now on whoever is here because you have to understand we have a strong group of guys that come in here, put a lot of time and work in.”

The Wolves recently turned down a Miami Heat package including their prized player Josh Richardson and a first-round pick in return for Butler, but owner Glen Taylor didn’t see it as enough and turned down the deal, still without an imminent agreement to ship Butler out, as they prepare to start the season with him.

Others like Teague, prefer to remove themselves completely from the situation, despite this trade conversation cutting it so close to the start of the season, only a week away.

“I really don’t pay attention to much,” Teague said, according to Chris Hine of The Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Just kind of stick to myself and do what I’m supposed to do. Stay out of everybody’s way and I just enjoy the process, I honestly do.”

Butler’s trade could be extended until the trade deadline in February or just not happen at all if this front office and ownership continue putting up a stubborn front. The rest of the Wolves will have a clear unhappy camper in Butler, one that could help them win, but likely at the cost of a very awkward 82-game run.