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Tom Thibodeau makes first comments after Derrick Rose signing

Derrick Rose, Tom Thibodeau

It was a tumultuous season in Cleveland. Derrick Rose had signed a one year, $2.1 million contract to play the year out in his own words, “a chance to reintroduce myself back to the league.”

Things didn’t work out as expected as he continued to deal with injuries which took away significant time away from the court from him. He didn’t return immediately either as he decided to take some time away from the team to evaluate what he should really do with his career as his body continued to fail him in some aspects.

Upon return, Rose played for a short time and was dealt in one of the largest single roster turnovers to date. The 6’3 guard was sent packing to the Utah Jazz who immediately waived him, making him a midseason free agent.

That opened up speculation that Rose could rejoin his former teammate Jimmy Butler and former head coach Tom Thibodeau, whom he excelled under with the Chicago Bulls.

Rose had seemingly disappeared for awhile, only to be found working out at a local Cleveland University. He wasn’t in a rush to sign anywhere according to his agent who revealed teams were only offering 10-day contracts, which showed little confidence many teams have in Rose’s health and mental psyche.

The day came when the Timberwolves called, and Rose is indeed reuniting with his former coach whom before had little to say on the matter of the point guard joining the team.

We’ll see. We’re always looking to look at different ways that we can improve the club.

It’s only fitting that the former MVP have another go at it without any interference from management in the process, but at the same time, some blame Thibs for overusing Rose which accelerated his injuries in the first place.

One thing for sure is that the two had no issues working together and Thibs isn’t as worried about injury probabilities as much as many of his comrades around the league.

When asked about Rose’s roller-coaster career and what it means at this very moment, Thibodeau gave another short answer and left it there.

Maybe he does understand Rose more than others and maybe this time, Rose won’t feel the need to take any more impromptu leave of absences.