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Titans safety Kevin Byard says ‘nothing has changed but the change’ after earning historic contract

Tennessee Titans safety Kevin Byard agreed to a five-year deal worth over $70 million, and for some players, there is a concern that a player will take a step back after earning such a big contract. For Byard, that isn’t something he is concerned about and says the only thing that has changed is the change that he is making.

“The main thing that a lot of guys have been saying is it’s well deserved,” Byard said via the Titans team website. “But I want to continue to do it. That’s the main thing – you see a big number and you see a big contract and my whole mindset is: I am going to earn every single dollar, every single penny. I am going to go out there and earn it for Jon and for Amy for believing in me, and I am going to keep on doing what I have been doing, which is staying humble.

“Really, nothing has changed but the change.”

Byard was a third-round pick in 2016 by the Titans and has had to earn everything that he has gotten so far in the league. Over the last two seasons, Byard has had 12 interceptions and has quickly become known as one of the best safeties in the league. Last season he racked up 96 tackles, four interceptions, and two sacks.

As long as Byard continues to play at the same level that he has since coming into the league, he should have no issue earning all the money that he will now make, and he doesn’t seem super concerned that there will be any drop off.