Titans news: Kevin Byard unveils brain workout to be 'mentally quicker'
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Kevin Byard unveils brain workout to be ‘mentally quicker’

Kevin Byard, Titans

Tennessee Titans safety Kevin Byard is putting in some extra work this offseason, and it’s not just the physical aspect of his game he’s been focused on. The 2017 Pro Bowler has included some brain workouts to his quarantine regimen to help him comprehensively upgrade his skill set.

“When I first heard about it, it was intriguing,” Byard said, per the Titans’ official website. “It was supposed to be something while when you’re quarantining and in the house, you can put these virtual reality headsets on and it’s supposed to help you be mentally quicker, crisp, and it trains your mind in clutch situations, things like that.”

Byard has tapped the services of NeuroTrainer, a Mental Fitness system that claims to enable athletes to “achieve new levels of human performance with cognitive training.” Though this mental training isn’t officially part of the Titans’ official offseason training program, the 26-year-old is looking to make the most out of his isolation to work on his mental game.

“Honestly, I can’t say it’s helped me on the field yet because we haven’t played football. But every session that I did, I improved. My scores kept getting better.” the Titans’ one-time Pro Bowler added.

Kevin Byard was one of 14 athletes from different sports and leagues that was picked by the Bay Area-based company to compete in a head-to-head challenge using NeuroTrainer’s VR-based training system. Through VR technology, athletes were immersed in a virtual training ground to help boost their physical skills by improving their psychological abilities.

With the help of this VR-training tool, Byard is looking to come back even stronger, as the Titans are poised to return to training camp within the next few weeks. Hopefully, all this brain workouts help Byard repeat or maybe even surpass his 2017 breakout year.