Titans news: Marcus Mariota happy to help however he can
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Titans’ Marcus Mariota happy to help however he can

Marcus Mariota, Titans

At the start of the season, Marcus Mariota was the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. It has not been a great year for him on the field though.

After just a few games, Mariota was benched in favor of Ryan Tannehill. The Titans went 7-3 in games that Tannehill started. Clearly, that was a move that needed to be made.

Tannehill has been superb for them. Although his numbers have not been great in the playoffs, Tannehill has done enough to help them win. And he certainly hasn’t cost them anything yet.

However, you do have to consider Mariota. This has to be a tough spot for him right? He went from Titans starter to afterthought pretty quickly.

The good news is, Mariota seems to just want to help his team win. According to Darin Gantt of ProFootballTalk.com, that’s exactly what he wants to do. Mariota is just happy to help his team in any way that he can.

For Mariota that could mean a lot of things. It could mean running the scout team, giving advice to players or helping Tannehill figure something out.

It could even mean being ready in case the team ends up needing him in a game.

Whatever the case, Mariota is not letting the demotion get him down. He is still a part of the Titans, and they are now just two wins away from being Super Bowl champions.

It’s likely that Mariota will get a fresh start somewhere new next season. So why not finish up his time in Tennessee with a Super Bowl ring?