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Taylor Lewan appeal denied, will serve four-game suspension for Titans

Tennessee Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan appealed his four-game suspension for violation of the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy, but he didn’t win. The NFL made his suspension official; the Titans will be without their three-time Pro Bowl left tackle until their Week 5 game against the Buffalo Bills.

Lewan will be eligible to practice with the team in training camp and play in preseason ball. But, once the regular season rolls around, he will not be able to do so. In July, after the initial reports of the suspension, Lewan released a video on Twitter. He said he tested positive for banned substance ostarine and took a polygraph test to prove he did not knowingly take the drug. In the apology video to Titans Nation, he said,

“I want everybody to know that I’ve never taken it knowingly and I’ve never cheated the game, and I never will. I have notes, those things don’t really matter. What really is important is that I want people to know that I’m not a cheater.

I went and did a polygraph test about ostarine and knowingly taking it and I passed that test. I would never take anything that would cheat the game. I’m so sorry to the Titans.  — I’ve never cheated myself and I never want to cheat as I feel cheated. And, I’m sorry, and I’m going to be better from this.”

While Lewan sits out the first four games of the regular season, the Titans will employ Dennis Kelly as the starting left tackle.