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Tom Brady: Fantasy Football Outlook For The 2021 NFL Season With Buccaneers

Tom Brady Fantasy Football Outlook, Buccaneers

The ageless wonder that is Tom Brady will be competing in his 22nd season in the NFL. At 43 years old, Brady seems to be on pace to play through the age of 45, as that is his current goal. Last year, Brady proved that he doesn’t need Bill Belichick to win Super Bowls. He ended the 2020 NFL Season with 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns, giving Brady the second-best season of his career statistically.

Not only did he win his seventh championship ring, but he did without fully knowing the playbook and playing on a torn MCL. It’s almost as if Brady isn’t human, as he continues to defy the odds year in and year out. He’ll be playing his second year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he should be in store for another solid season.

The Buccaneers are loaded with talent and have a stacked unit for fantasy football. Brady is in a position to play like a top 10 quarterback in fantasy this year, even though he doesn’t provide any rushing stats. With Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, Ant0nio Brown, and Rob Gronkowski running routes, Brady should have another solid year, making him a viable option at quarterback in fantasy football.

Tom Brady Fantasy Football Outlook

2020 Fantasy Statistics

When it comes to fantasy football, consistency is key. Although Brady won’t earn extra points with his rushing abilities, he slings the ball well enough to remain in the top 10 quarterbacks. In fact, Brady ended last season with 337.92 fantasy points in PPR formats. He averaged 21.12 points per game and participated in all 16 matchups. With those numbers, Brady finished as the QB8 on the year, putting him ahead of notable names like Justin Herbert and Lamar Jackson.

What’s more impressive, is that Brady achieved these numbers without the bulk of the Buccaneers receiving core. Chris Godwin was unavailable for multiple games, Antonio Brown was suspended until the halfway mark, and it took Gronkowski some time to get adjusted in the Bucs offense. Additionally, Brady claims he didn’t even know the full playbook yet, and he still put up monster numbers last year.

Before the start of the 2020 NFL Season, many drafted Brady as a late-round pick, as many believed his age would finally catch up to him. Those who selected him received a great reward, as they had an elite fantasy quarterback on their roster without using a high-end draft pick to acquire him. Value is ultra important in the later rounds of your fantasy draft, and Tom Brady provided just that in 2020.

2021 Fantasy Projections

Heading into the new season, Tom Brady is being recognized as one of the better quarterback options. ESPN’s fantasy projections for Brady have him finishing with 4,689 yards, 35 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. In their scoring format, that means Brady would end the year with 317.32 fantasy points. Additionally, ESPN projects that Brady will have more success rushing the ball, as they believe he’ll rack up 22 rushing yards and an additional two touchdowns.

It’s interesting to point out that ESPN projects Brady to have a relatively similar year as last season. They have him throwing for more yards but give him five fewer touchdowns. 317.32 fantasy points will put Brady amongst some of the best. Even so, there is reason to believe that Brady ends up with more points than last year.

He’s entering training camp and will have more time to work alongside his teammates. Chris Godwin should be healthy, Antonio Brown is available for the whole season, and Mike Evans should continue to produce consistent numbers. On top of that, Rob Gronkowski is now more comfortable in the Bucs offensive scheme, so he could be in for a bigger year as well. The stars are aligning for Brady to have another big season and it could help you win your fantasy leagues.

Rank at Position

Although everything looks perfect for Tom Brady, there is some risk in acquiring him onto your fantasy team. His age has to be questioned every year for the rest of his NFL career, and he doesn’t provide much upside in rushing like Lamar Jackson, or Josh Allen. He won’t be able to finish as the top quarterback in the fantasy world due to his old-school “stay in the pocket” approach.

Based on ESPN’s projections, Tom Brady is ranked as the QB7 entering the year. According to ESPN’s data, Tom Brady has an Average Draft Position (ADP) of 90. That means he’s being drafted anywhere between rounds 8-10, depending on how many teams are in your league. Brady is actually valued and drafted as the QB9, even though his projections have him finishing as the QB7.

This means you have an opportunity to select Brady a bit late in your fantasy drafts for 1QB leagues. You can stack your roster with multiple running backs and receivers before choosing to select Tom Brady as your quarterback. Of course for SuperFlex or 2QB leagues, Brady will be selected much sooner, as quarterbacks are valued much higher in those leagues. For dynasty, it would be wise to acquire Brady onto your roster if you’re a contender. You can offer a rookie second-round pick for Brady and give yourself a solid QB1 to boost your chances of winning the championship. If you’re in a rebuild, stay away from Brady as acquiring youth is much more important.

Like last year, Brady has a great chance to outplay his projections. It’s a terrible idea to bet against him, as he continuously proves everyone wrong. Consistency is key in fantasy football, and Tom Brady provides just that.