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Tom Brady reportedly buys Las Vegas property, fueling Raiders rumors

Tom Brady, Raiders

It’s still a couple of weeks before the offseason officially starts, but Las Vegas Raiders fans may have something big to look forward to. Tom Brady has reportedly purchased a property in Sin City, and everyone is losing their minds over what it could possibly mean.

It’s been reported by Felger & Mazz at 98.5 The Sports Hub that the New England Patriots’ long-time quarterback purchased property ahead of his free agency. There are a lot of possibilities for what this means for New England and Brady.

The fact that the six-time champion bought a home in Vegas is a clear signal to everyone that leaving the Pats isn’t a move that’s meant to dole out more money out of Robert Kraft’s deep pockets. This should at least prepare New England fans for what seems to be an inevitable event from happening.

While many are still begging for Brady to not leave the team, there is ardent support for TB12 to pick where he wants to go. Rob Gronkowski, one of the team’s most beloved tight ends, argued that Brady has done enough for New England to explore his options.

Joe Montana argued that changing teams is not as good of an idea as Brady might think, per Patriots Wire’s Isaiah Houde:

“It’s not easy to go to another team and get accepted, no matter how much success you’ve had and how many years you’ve played. They still want to see you come in and be the same player and be that loyal to them as you were to the other team you just left. So, it’s not easy [for] guys looking at that change, especially at the quarterback position.”

While Montana’s concerns are valid, it’s unlikely that the Las Vegas Raiders would shoo away a talented quarterback like Brady. It’s shaping up to be an exciting offseason with Tom Brady in the middle of it all.