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Tommy Fury drops truth bomb on UFC fighters boxing Jake Paul

Tommy Fury, Jake Paul, UFC, boxing

Tommy Fury watched Jake Paul knock out Tyron Woodley and came to a pretty sad conclusion for UFC fighters. He doesn’t believe they will find any success crossing over into boxing. They’re MMA fighters, not boxers.

It’s a debate that has been going on ever since UFC star Conor McGregor crossed over into boxing and faced Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fury was right in that McGregor ended up losing.

Fury noted that this is why he should get the next crack at Paul. UFC fighters are not the right people to take on the YouTube star outside of MMA.

“I do believe my time will come,” Fury told Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions. “We’re trying to figure out the next date, and we’re trying to get that fight rescheduled because that’s the fight I want next. Seeing after the fight he’s calling out all these MMA people, I don’t get what he’s trying to achieve by calling out UFC people. He wants to be a boxer, doesn’t he? Then fight a boxer. He’s calling out all these wrestlers and non-boxers.

“In the cage, they would kill him any day of the week, but let’s be honest and serious—he would beat Nate Diaz, 100 percent,” Fury said of Jake Paul boxing Diaz. “Would he beat any other MMA super fighter? One hundred percent because they’re not boxers. I really got nothing else to say on that because I’m not entertaining that. He needs to fight that one next, and he’s the fight that’s going to happen next.”

Tommy Fury does seem like the next logical opponent for Jake Paul. It is unclear currently who Paul will choose to face next.