Lonzo Ball, Kevin Durant, Paul George among most regretful tweeters
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Top 10 Hilarious Old Tweets by NBA Stars

NBA stars are no strangers to the world of Twitter. Many of the top players, such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry use Twitter every day to connect with their fans. It’s a simple way for players to express their feelings after a game, to give their opinions on something, or just to have a little fun with their followers. Once they make it into the league, NBA players have to be extremely careful about what they post, since they know that their tweets will be viewed by millions. Hilariously, that’s not the case before they make it into the NBA. Some of the top players in the league have sent out tweets that they wish the Internet had never seen. Unfortunately for them, the Internet never forgets. Here are the top ten funniest old tweets by NBA players.

Note: Many of these tweets have been deleted so screenshots have been provided.

Damian Lillard

Jesse Johnson/USA TODAY Sports

10. Damian Lillard

Back when he was a junior at Weber State, Damian Lillard wasn’t shy at all about letting the world know how he felt about LeBron James. He posted a series of hilarious tweets in 2011 dissing the “King”, all of which have been deleted. Lillard wasn’t thrilled by LeBron’s performance in the 2011 playoffs, and wanted to let the world know how he felt. It’s safe to say that he wishes LeBron never saw these tweets. He apologized to him ever since the tweets resurfaced. Luckily for Lillard, LeBron was never bothered by his tweets, and has forgiven him since. Still, it must’ve been pretty awkward for Lillard the first time he faced off against LeBron in the NBA.

Ty Lawson

Rocky Widner/Getty Images

9. Ty Lawson

Look, basketball is a very up-close and physical game. Sometimes though, the action can get a little too close, which was the case for Ty Lawson. The poor guy had to defend someone who may or may not have brushed his teeth in the past couple of days. Lawson wasn’t amused, and took to Twitter to express his frustration. He shouldn’t really be one to complain though, since his breath must smell of alcohol all the time.

cameron payne, Bulls


8. Cameron Payne

Cameron Payne is an interesting guy. From the dances he used to do with Russell Westbrook, to his crazy hairstyle, the dude definitely has some personality. With that said, nobody knows what is going on through this man’s head half the time. This tweet is a prime example of that.

Larry Nance Jr., Kevin Durant

Adam Pantozzi/Getty Images

7. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant loves using Twitter. He feuds with people constantly using the platform, and has even created fake accounts to defend himself. With that said, his tweet in 2010, after LeBron left to go to Miami, is now viewed as one of the most hypocritical statements of all time. It’s coming from a guy who recently joined the best regular season team in the history of the NBA. What happened to being competitive, Durant?

Terry Rozier

Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports

6. Terry Rozier

Before the young guard was drafted by the Celtics, Terry Rozier had has eyes elsewhere. Specifically, on Sonya Curry, the mother of Seth and Steph. It’s probably not such a good idea to be hitting on the moms of players that you’re going to play against. That might make things a tad bit awkward. Also, why did he refer to Sonya as Seth’s mom and not Steph’s mom? The world may never know.

Lonzo Ball

Abbie Parr/Getty Images

5. Lonzo Ball

What would a top ten article of any kind be without including Lonzo Ball? Although the tweet wasn’t hilarious at the time, it’s hilarious now. Lonzo has been one of the most hyped up Lakers rookies ever, and right now the Lakers find themselves out of the playoff picture. Who knew Lonzo could predict the future so well? Surprisingly, the tweet hasn’t been deleted yet. Wait until LaVar sees this.

Carmelo Anthony

Bruce Kluckhohn/USA TODAY Sports

4. Carmelo Anthony

Melo has had to endure his fair share of criticism throughout the years. He’s had a good amount of individual success but has never been able to win a ring, which fans never let him forget about. It looks like the hate got to Melo one day, as he unleashed a tirade against a fan criticising him. The fan got torn to shreds in the now-deleted tweet. Nobody messes with Carmelo Anthony.

Paul George and Carmelo Anthony

Chris Szagola/Associated Press

3. Paul George

Back when he was in college, Paul George got a little frustrated after a rough outing by his team. He took to Twitter to vent his anger in a hilarious rant. The tweet still hasn’t been deleted, but Twitter users still come to the post to mock him. Don’t ever be a basketball player that doesn’t play basketball. Paul George will come after you if you are.

kevin durant

Harry How/Getty Images

2. Kevin Durant (again)

Being one of the most active Twitter users in the NBA, Durant had to make this list twice. During Durant’s trip to Taiwan, he found himself in a sticky situation. Who knows why he decided to make this information public,  but hey, we’re not complaining. Hopefully the poor lady giving him the massage survived.

Getty Images

1. Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma is already a legend. Not because he’s been one of the top rookies in the league this year, but because of how amazing this tweet is. No explanation is needed. This might be one of the greatest tweets of all time. Salute to you, Kuzma.