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DOTA Summit 13 Online Top 3 Plays for SEA, Americas, and Europe & CIS

Great plays lead to victories. Overwhelming victories lead to championships. These are the top plays in the Grand Finals of the DOTA Summit 13 made by the winning teams leading to their eventual championship.

DOTA Summit 13 Online SEA Grand Finals, Game 2: Fearless’ Dark Rift outflanks Abed

Motivate.Trust Gaming Among Us
JaCkky inYourdreaM
Fearless Abed
Masaros Kuku
Q Xepher
boombell March



A smoke gank by Motivate.Trust Gaming almost went wrong when Worawit “Q” Mekchai on his Void Spirit gets picked off at the bottom lane. Q instantly buys back, returning to the ensuing clash. Poomipat “Fearless” Trisiripanit, as Underlord, catches enemies with his Pit of Malice, allowing Souliya “JaCkky” Khoomphetsavong and Anurat “Boombell” Praianun to clean house. Surprised by the sudden appearance of Q’s teammates, Among Us scatters, trying to disengage.

Motivate.Trust Gaming’s strong crowd control lineup allows them to give chase. Among Us’ midlaner Abed Azel “Abed” Yusop teleports away to the top lane, far from the enemies. Meanwhile, Motivate.Trust Gaming kills three, including the enemy carry. When the dust seemingly settled, Abed goes out of the base, trying to push the top lane wave. But then, the whole Motivate.Trust Gaming crew appeared, thanks to Fearless’ Dark Rift. Surprising Abed, the team quickly kills the Kunkka, pushes the top lane and the mid lane, destroying barracks. Among Us never recovered from this clash, leading to a 3-0 sweep by Motivate.Trust Gaming.

This becomes Motivate.Trust Gaming’s first DOTA Summit championship in team history, taking home $42,000.

DOTA Summit 13 Online Americas: Ryoya’s timely Divine Rapier purchase wipes out Quincy Crew

Quincy Crew Team Zero
Yawar EternaLEnVy
Quinn Ryoya
Lelis Brax
MSS Sneyking



Quincy Crew smokes to enter the Rosh Pit, but they get spotted by Team Zero. As Quincy Crew moves back to the high ground in their triangle, Team Zero gives chase. However, Quincy Crew catches Braxton “Brax” Paulson, giving Yawar “YawaR” Hassan a godlike streak. Quinn “Quinn” Callahan tries to box out the enemy at the low ground using Rolling Thunder. Yawar goes down to try to kill Jacky “EternalEnvy” Mao. This exposes Quincy Crew’s backline, and gives Eric “Ryoya” Dong the opportunity to rush in.

The Divine Rapier lends Ryoya immense power, allowing him to kill the enemy team with right clicks. He takes down Avery “SVG” Sulverman first, Quinn next, and then Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos last. The rest of Team Zero plays clean-up crew as they also eliminate Arif “MSS” Anwar and ends Yawar’s godlike streak.

With the team wipe, Team Zero returns to the Rosh Pit to claim the Aegis for Ryoya, securing the Divine Rapier. SVG, playing as Treant Protector, uses Living Armor to try to keep their base being overrun. However, he only succeeds in prolonging the game, as Team Zero already won after this clash.

Game 1 of the series also went to Team Zero. While Quincy Crew seemed to have the upper hand at the start of Game 2, Team Zero turned the tides to claim Game 2 as well. Quincy Crew survives the next two games to force Game 5. But Team Zero finished the deed eventually, in a one-sided affair that killed Quincy Crew’s chances of becoming champions of DOTA Summit 13.

DOTA Summit 13 Online Europe & CIS: Vikin.gg survives a perfect wombo-combo to turn the tides against Team Liquid

Vikin.gg Team Liquid
Shad m ‘ iCKe
BOOM qojqva
Tobi Boxi
Aramis Taiga
Seleri iNSaNiA



This defensive highlight showcases Vikin.gg’s ability to stay alive. Spotting the enemy team in the middle lane, Team Liquid’s initiator Michael “miCKe” Vu catches four of Vikin.gg’s heroes in a single bash. However, he misses the enemy carry, Indji “Shad” Lub. Still, the rest of his team collapses unto the enemy, finding an opportunity for the perfect wombo-combo. Samuel “Boxi” Svahn blinks in and casts Arena of Blood, trapping all five members of Vikin.gg inside. With all enemies in range, Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi casts Will-o’-Wisp to prevent the enemy team from attacking or running away. As the Arena of Blood expires, Tommy “Taiga” Le casts Terrorize to sow fear in the enemy ranks.

The wombo-combo allowed Team Liquid to kill off Adam “Aramis” Moroz, the enemy support. But the true threat within Vikin.gg is Shad, who immediately turned around to kill off both Boxi and Taiga, sending Team Liquid fleeing.

Team Liquid’s play could have gone in their favor had their midlaner, Max “qojqva” Bröcker was not dead. The team just didn’t have enough damage to make the most out of the wombo-combo. What could have been the perfect set-up for them turned into their biggest nightmare.

Vikin.gg used this as an opportunity to go to the Rosh Pit and attempt killing Roshan. Team Liquid came in to contest the fight, but they ended up getting wiped out. Afterwards, Vikin.gg marched down the mid lane to destroy Team Liquid’s base, which would then lead to Vikin.gg’s victory for the series.