Tracy McGrady is not backing down.

Just a day after McGrady made critical comments in regards to Stephen Curry being the NBA's first unanimous MVP, the former Orlando Magic star re-iterated on ESPN's “The Jump” that there is a lack of talent in today's NBA:

“This is no hating. This is identifying the talent in this league. It's top-heavy. I'm not saying we don't have any superstars, I'm saying it's not that many that we have. Look at the Eastern Conference … it's LeBron, it's D-Wade, and that's it.”

McGrady didn't stop there in his criticism of the current league:

“There's a lot of bad teams in our league right now,” he added, “and I think the game is watered down.”

The 1997 draft pick had previously asserted that Curry's unanimous MVP award was the result of a watered-down NBA:

“For him to be the first player to get this unanimously, I think … it just tells you how watered down our league is.”

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Because the Golden State Warriors guard has dominated and re-written record books in the most unconventional way, it has resulted in a lot of backlash, especially from the older generation of basketball players.

While McGrady is entitled to his opinion, it is ironic that he considers this generation to be watered down. Many were claiming his era in the early-2000's was a decline in the talent pool compared to the 90's. Likewise, Michael Jordan's era of greatness during the decade of the 90's was seen as a clear step down from the number of super teams that filled the NBA in the 80's.

More than anything, this is the classic case of an older generation player believing his era is better than the current one.

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