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Train Sim World 2 is EGS’s free game of the week: July 29 – Aug 4

Train Sim World 2 key visual with Epic Games Store logo

Train Sim World 2 gives players access to iconic locomotives on the world’s best train systems. And now, Epic Games Store gives players access to Train Sim World 2 for free.

Come and play with the train tracks of your dreams. Drive high-speed inter-city trains from all over the world, and climb speeds that might be too unsafe in real life. Take on the challenge of moving important freight from across continents, and master the patterns and stations needed to become the best train operator in the world. All trains in Train Sim World 2 are officially licensed and authentically recreated. There’s no small detail spared of the game’s authenticity, so you know you’re really getting the real deal. If anything from the real world don’t fit your needs, you can customize your locomotives. You can even choose your destinations based on where you want to go, and you can drive away.

With clearer information on instructions, gradient, and speed profiles through the game’s HUD displays, you know that you’re in for a realistic experience. A new controller scheme give you great choices on camera and driving modes and allows players easier access from external camera mode. Finally, you can check out your lifetime stats as a train operator in Dovetail Live’s online leaderboards. Review your performance and see how you fare compared to other train operators around the world.

Train Sim World 2 is free to keep on the Epic Games Store from July 29 – August 4, 2021.