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Twitter reacts to Curry 4 Lows worn by Stephen Curry himself at a golf tournament

Stephen Curry, warriors

Although Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is the top endorser for Under Armour‘s division for basketball apparel, the two-time NBA MVP hasn’t really been done justice by his benefactor with the previous releases of sneakers under his name.

This past weekend, Curry participated in the American Century Championship golf tournament to flaunt his new pair of kicks. NBCS Warriors News shared a first-hand look of the Curry 4 Lows on Twitter, and it appears that the folks over at UA have finally done Steph right:

The white colorway for the Curry 4 Lows is not only befitting of the golf course’s greens, it’s also quite an improvement in general from the previous editions of the Curry line of Under Armour shoes. A good majority of the Twitterverse seems to agree with that notion this time around as well:

To answer the question from the last tweet above, the Curry 4 Lows are expected to hit the shelves by summer of next year.

Finally: a fashionable pair of SC’s meant to be used on actual basketball courts and not in the kitchen or in the living room.