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Twitter ruthlessly roasts Mia Khalifa after Gilbert Arenas rejected her

Gilbert Arenas, Mia Khalifa

The internet went nuts after former Washington Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas roasted formed adult film actress Mia Khalifa on Instagram for trying to slide on his DMs since the start of October.

Khalifa had been known to expose many players in the past, from college to pro football players, and even Philadelphia 76ers cornerstone and social media star Joel Embiid.

The man formerly known as “Hibachi” dusted off his grill and cooked Khalifa with some of his Insta sauce, denouncing her thirst for local athletes.

The thirst is real… and social media didn’t take long to notice.

The most interesting man in the world never fails.

A good ole reference to Eminem’s song “Stan” — back in 2000.

Arenas amassed 134 blocks during his 11-year career, but this one was one of his finest rejections. Get them DMs out of here!

Sometimes the truth hurts in the worst of places.

And in true Agent Zero fashion, Arenas bowed down and out after exposing her — nothing like a thanks, but no thanks, Mia.

The L.A. native might have had a sour end to his career after multiple knee injuries and a reputation that chased him out of the league, but this latest deed might have inched him closer to making himself a social media legend.