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Tyreek Hill, Chiefs


Tyreek Hill: 3 Bold predictions for the Chiefs WR against the Titans

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill might be the fastest player in the NFL. In fact, it’s getting impossible to dispute as Hill continuously does things to prove just how fast he truly is.

With that in mind, the Chiefs are facing off with the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship game on Sunday. Hill is one of the most dangerous (if not the most dangerous) weapons on either team. What will he do on Sunday?

Here are three bold predictions for Hill against the Titans in the AFC Championship game.

At Least One 40-Plus Yard Play

Tyreek Hill, Chiefs


Tyreke Hill’s speed allows him to break off a ton of massive plays. He had six plays in the regular season of at least 40 yards. That’s in just 12 games, one of which Hill barely saw time before leaving with an injury.

Clearly, 40-yard plays are a staple of Hill’s game. That being said, it’s still pretty bold to assume the wide receiver will have another 40-yard gainer right? Well, that’s the whole point, bold predictions.

The thing with Hill though, is that this is something he could legitimately do. He’s the most electric player in the NFL and has shown off his absurd speed so many times this year.

Tennessee’s defense has been fantastic in the playoffs. Are they speed proof though? If anyone can break through it’s Hill. And the Chiefs might be looking to take the top off the defense and get something going. They’ll go to him for those plays.

Take a Handoff

Tyreek Hill, Chiefs


Tyreke Hill is a playmaker and a game-changer. As I’ve said, the Chiefs will want to get the ball into his hands. At the same time, the Titans’ defense has been superb lately though.

There’s a very strong chance that Kansas City goes into their bag to get Hill the ball. That includes giving him the ball for a run or two.

This isn’t unheard of. In fact, Hill had eight carries in the regular season and one last week against the Houston Texans in their Divisional Round game.

If the Titans are putting the clamps on, Kansas City could get desperate. So they’ll do things to get Hill the ball. A run could get things rolling. Even if it doesn’t yield many yards, it will give Tennessee a different look.

Knowing Hill might run makes Tennessee have to worry about another thing.

Hill Diverts Attention

Chiefs, Tyreek Hill


Okay, so we have Tyreke Hill picking up a 40-plus yard reception and carrying the ball at least once. That being said, it won’t be his game on Sunday.

The reason for that is he will be diverting attention.

Hill is going to be taking a lot of Tennessee’s attention. He deserves it too. They will be making sure he isn’t the one to beat them. The problem with that is the Chiefs have a lot of other weapons.

Travis Kelce is arguably the best tight end in football. Sammy Watkins is extremely dangerous and Mecole Hardman makes tons of big plays.

Hill is the biggest threat of all though. So he will be seeing a lot of double teams and extra coverage. That’s going to work out for the Chiefs though.

While Hill will have a relatively quiet game, it will lead to big days for others. And that will lead to a win for the Chiefs, putting them in the Super Bowl.