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UFC President Dana White’s miracle 5-day COVID-19 timeline

UFC Joe Rogan Dana White COVID

Just three days ago, UFC President Dana White announced that he and his family tested positive for COVID-19. He said his immediate family and extended family got together for Thanksgiving, and his immediate family all tested positive on Monday.

Friday, he told TMZ Sports that he is officially COVID free. How did the 53-year-old go from positive to negative in just five days?

To that, he says, “Thank you Dr. Joe Rogan!”

That’s right, White credits UFC color commentator Joe Rogan for his quick health turnaround and negative test. He called Rogan as soon as he realized he couldn’t smell on Sunday, and Rogan gave him step by step instructions for the week.

First, White had to make sure he had the virus by getting a test Monday morning. Himself, his wife, and their daughter were all positive. Since the test was positive, Rogan advised White to get the monoclonal antibodies through an injection. Next was an NAD drip, followed by Ivermectin. He then followed a reoccurring routine of NAD and vitamin drips every day until testing negative.

According to White, “this thing works.” He said that he and his wife, both 53-years-old, followed Rogan’s advice. His 15-year-old daughter and his 80-year-old mother in law did as well. White says that the process worked for all four of them. He said that he got his smell and taste back on Tuesday, just one day after starting Rogan’s process.

The UFC President was seeking a quick recovery in order to attend the UFC matchup of Rob Font vs. José Aldo tonight. He will be able to attend if he continues to test negative. According to COVID protocols, White must test negative for the virus twice in 24 hours. His first negative test was Friday morning.