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UFC star Jorge Masvidal fires shot at Colby Covington on potential fight

Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington, UFC

Jorge Masvidal is set to take on Kamaru Usman for the UFC Welterweight title on April 24th. It’s a highly anticipated rematch that hopefully contains more fireworks than their first bout. Masvidal is focused on facing Usman for the belt for now, but that hasn’t stopped him from firing shots at Colby Covington, per MMA Junkies.

The two used to be friends but have since become enemies. They were supposed to fight each other back in September, but for whatever reason, the fight never made it past the negotiation stage. Masvidal provided his take on why the fight never happened while being interviewed on ESPN.

“Because Colby’s a b*tch,” Jorge Masvidal said. “They offered him good money, and then the Colby deal was that we already knew we had the Usman fight. They already told me, ‘Hey, you have the Usman fight.’ So why am I going to fight the second-place guy that got his jaw broken, left running out of the ring, didn’t talk for months on Twitter because he got his jaw broken? Why don’t I go fight the guy that broke his jaw?

“Gamebred” provided the answer we were all hoping for. Not only did he provide an inside scoop on the contract negotiations, but he also hit Covington with some not-so-subtle jabs. However, Jorge Masvidal is still interested in a matchup against Colby Covington, but it’ll be when he’s ready. He explains why he wants to wait for the fight in the same interview.

“Because I’ve already been beating the crap out of Colby for God knows how long. I’m going to beat the crap out of him, too, before my career is done. But I’m going to fight the biggest and the best fights possible, then I’ll come down to these JV motherf**kers.”

This should be a great fight that goes down in history, even though Masvidal makes it sound like it’ll be an easy fight for him. We’ll have to wait for now, as Jorge Masvidal aims for the title first.