Miesha Tate surprised many people when she announced that she would be moving down from bantamweight over to flyweight. The former UFC champion wants to shake up her career and become a title contender in a different weight class.

Miesha Tate is experiencing her body changing and she's realized that moving to a different weight class means her physique will be different. The former UFC champion posted an update on social media.

“I’m shrinking…oddly enough I knew making flyweight (125 lbs) was going to require my body to change, but yet going through the process has still be [sic] surprising at every turn,” wrote Tate on her official Facebook page.

The former UFC champion recently explained the move down to flyweight and clarified that she wasn't running from bantamweight. She wanted to change things up in her career and go for a slightly different challenge.

“It’s something I’ve definitely thought about, but I definitely don’t want people to think that I’m running at 135,” UFC flyweight Tate said in an interview with Mike Bohn of MMA Junkie. “I hate the idea of leaving a division on a loss, it really bugs me. Something really bothers me about that, about leaving the division on a loss. It’s something I’ve thought about, but at the same time, I feel like I need more time to digest all of that. It’s not out of the question by any means, but it would be a long process if I’m gonna get down to 125. You probably know I’ve been pretty vocal that I’m not a fan of big weight cuts, so I would definitely have to do some things to change my body to get down at that weight, but it’s not something that’s way out in left field.

“It’s definitely something that I feel like could be an option,” continued Tate. “I just have to decide to. I’m definitely leaning towards staying at 135, especially with the change-ups and everything like that and seeing what’s happening there, but 125 is definitely not out of the question.”